Welding Technician (WSM Evening)

Full-Time & On-Site

Santa Maria, CA, USA

The Welding Technician supports Production by completing components in a timely manner with superior quality.

At Wasco, words matter. There is a reason we have “team members” and not employees. When you are part of a team, it’s important to know not only what you are working towards but also why you are working. An employee has a job and works for a boss. A team member has a role and works towards a purpose. We use what we have, communicate, collaborate, and cooperate. We don’t quit when we hit an obstacle because we believe progress happens one step at a time. The Wasco team is like a family, we respect, encourage and support each other, in good times and hard times.

Job Duties

  • Primary responsibility is to support Production Manager with completion of sub level components

  • Assemble switch bodies by automated welding, cutting and soldering wires, using an epoxy dispenser to set components, and component cleaning

  • Test and verify performance of switch and sensor components at a sub-assembly and final assembly level through pressurized test equipment under the supervision of the Production Manager

  • Physically track job materials within the assembly shop and prepare them for the assembly process

  • Interpret engineering drawings and assembly and test procedures

  • Follow standard operating and test procedures

  • Support and implement processes improvements

  • Perform other duties as assigned

  • Understand and demonstrate Wasco Core Values

Skills & Abilities

  • Knowledge of drawings, schematics, diagrams, technical orders, basic tooling including manual and pneumatic crimpers, digital meters, digital calipers and calibration equipment

  • time management and communication skills

General Requirements

  • On-site presence for evening shift (1:00pm-9:30pm)

  • 1-year experience in manufacturing; soldering, laser welding and clean room experience preferred

  • Completion of weld training program preferred

  • Ability to lift 50 lbs. at chest level several times a day

  • Good hand and eye coordination with demonstrated manual dexterity and fine motor skills for precision calibration and assembly of small parts

  • Ability to see the full spectrum of colors and track fine details visually to discover defects in parts or processes

  • Must be able to read, comprehend and follow work instructions in English

Compensation: $17/hr

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