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Product Release: UDG-25 Ultra High Purity Gauge

The Wasco team is excited to announce the public launch of our UDG-25 pressure gauge series.

Wasco UDG-25 Pressure Gauges

The UDG-25 is an advanced diaphragm gauge with a single-piece fitting for superior corrosion resistance. This 1” diameter gauge has undergone rigorous testing and design validation to ensure high corrosion resistance and long-term reliability. Manufactured with an Inconel 625 diaphragm, the UDG-25 series is an ideal gauge for ultra high purity applications. Wasco’s UDG-25 diaphragm gauge provides significantly higher corrosion resistance than conventional bourdon tube gauges available on the market.

View the UDG-25 catalog for technical specifications.

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Wasco UDG-25


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