The objective of the Master Planner is to create and maintain the systems, tools, plans, and schedules necessary to ensure that Supply Chain, Material Control, and Manufacturing are adequately controlled to safeguard the on time delivery of quality products to our customers

Wasco is dedicated to the health and safety of its team members. This position requires full-time presence in the building, where many measures are in place to combat the spread of COVID-19. Wasco team members are considered essential workers as Wasco is included in two CISA-defined Critical Infrastructure Workforces (Critical Manufacturing and Defense Industrial Base).

At Wasco, words matter. There is a reason we have “team members” and not employees. When you are part of a team, it’s important to know not only what you are working towards but also what you are working for. An employee has a job and works for a boss. A team member has a role and works towards a purpose. We use what we have, communicate, collaborate, and cooperate. We don’t quit when we hit an obstacle because we believe progress happens one step at a time. The Wasco team is like a family, we respect, encourage and support each other, in good times and hard times. If you can’t laugh at yourself or you can’t stand Tri-Tip, potlucks, and donuts, you don't need to apply.


Job Duties:

  • Understand, fully support, and demonstrate Wasco core values and operating principles.

  • Coordinate with the Operations Manager to develop an operations plan.

  • Coordinate with the Supply Chain Manager to develop the systems, tools, plans, and schedules necessary to ensure Wasco’s supply chain is healthy and vendors are prepared for the future.

  • Coordinate with the Material Control Manager to develop the systems, tools, plans, and schedules necessary to ensure Wasco has adequate material to support manufacturing.

  • Coordinate with the Manufacturing Manager to develop the systems, tools, plans, and schedules necessary to ensure Wasco is manufacturing quality product on time.

  • Ensure the systems, tools, plans, and schedules developed include management of suppliers, raw materials, components, subassemblies, capacity (human and facility), forecasts from sales and customers that are in alignment with the mission, core values, operating principals, quality management system, and growth goals of Wasco.

  • Coordinate with the Operations Manager and Sales to ensure that accurate information is provided for lead time and cost.

  • Ensure the ERP system is maintained, leveraged, and integrated as much as possible with the systems, tools, plans and schedules outlined above.

  • Create ERP Database Reports and tools as needed for departments to follow the planned schedules.


  • Leadership

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Organization

  • Decision-Making

  • Dependable

  • Planning and Coordinating

  • Communication Skills

  • Team-Player

  • MS365 Office

  • ERP/MRP Software

  • Flexible & Understanding

  • Database Reporting Services (SSRS)

General Requirements:

Minimum Education Requirement: 4-year degree in applicable field of study

Minimum Experience Requirement: 2 years proven experience as a planner of a $10 Million annual company

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