(Currently in design and development)

Wasco’s ultra high purity pressure gauge series are designed for applications that require sensing of a corrosive media in demanding market applications. These gauges are designed to sense gaseous or liquid media without introducing contamination.

Wasco UHP Pressure Gauge Features:

  • 2 Inch Gauge Dial Size​ 

  • Wetted Path: 316L

  • Case: 304L

  • Fixed and Swivel male and female 1/4" face seal

  • Measure ranges: - 30” Hg to 5000 psi

  • Accuracy: ASME 1.5%; 2.5%

  • Cleaned to SEMI Standards in Class 100 Clean Room

  • Double Bagged, Vacuum Sealed with Nitrogen

  • ​Helium Leak Tested to 1x10-9cc/sec

  • Mounting Options​: Lower Mount or Back Mount

Typical Applications:

  • Semi Conductor

  • Gas Cabinets

  • Bulk Gas

  • Gas Boxes 

  • Gas Delivery

  • Gas Stick

  • Gas Distribution

  • Valve Boxes

Performance Specifications:

Working Pressure:

  • Steady : 3/4 of full scale value

  • Fluctuating: 2/3 of full scale value

  • Short Time: 1.2 Times full scale value

Ranges: -30” Hg to 5000 psig

Operating Temperature: Ambient: -20 to +60°C

Media: 150°C Maximum

Ingress Protection: IP 43 per EN60529/IEC 529

Surface Finish: ≤ 20 Ra Typical

Helium Leak Rate: 1 x 10-9 atm cc/sec

Wasco Ultra High Purity Pressure Gauges