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It's more than just building the best pressure sensors on the market. At Wasco we have “team members" and not employees. When you are part of a team, it’s important to know not only what you are working towards but also what you are working for. An employee has a job and works for a boss. A team member has a role and works towards a purpose.

Working at Wasco

If you can’t laugh at yourself or you can’t stand tri-tip, potlucks, and donuts, you probably don't need to apply.

Our Team Mission

Create a stable and enjoyable work environment for our team members to grow and thrive

와스코 제품을 탑재한 노트북

Wasco Teamwork

At Wasco, we use what we have, communicate, collaborate, and cooperate. We don’t quit when we hit an obstacle because we believe progress happens one step at a time. At Wasco, we're like a team: we respect, encourage, and support each other, in good times and hard times.

core value 1 no debt
core value 2 team
core value 3 semper gumby
core value 4 bulldozer mentality
core value 5 crawl walk run
core value 6 joseph mindset
core value 7 golden rule

We Take Care of Our Team

Full-time team member benefits


Santa Maria California Openings

Select a California position below to view the description, requirements, and other details

Manufacturing Engineer

Full-Time & On-Site

Openings: 1

Santa Maria, CA, USA

Compensation: $70k - $80k/year

Emmett  Idaho Openings

Select an Idaho position below to view the description, requirements, and other details

Quality Technician

Full-Time & On-Site

Compensation: $20-$23/hr

Openings: 1

Emmett, ID 83617, USA

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