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Wasco V250 series

V250 Series

​Stainless Steel Body High Pressure Vacuum Switch

Industry leading customers have depended upon the reliability and performance of the V250 Series since 1989. The V250 Series incorporates Wasco’s proprietary manufacturing method which we have perfected over the last three decades. The steel body construction and manufacturing method make this a perfect switch for high system pressure and demanding applications. This series has multiple O-ring options to accommodate different media. This series is a rugged and reliable vacuum switch that is perfect for systems that require high accuracy, tight tolerance, and high overpressure capability.

We’ve designed the V250 series for high accuracy and cost-effectiveness. All V250 switches are built with overpressure protection.

전형적인 적용 분야

Marine Equipment
Industrial Systems
Hydraulic Systems
Fuel Systems
Semiconductor Equipment

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