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Wasco UHP150 series

Industry leading customers have depended upon the reliability and performance of the UHP150 Series since 1989. This series features an all stainless steel sensor in addition to an all welded construction. The UHP150 Series incorporates Wasco’s proprietary manufacturing method which eliminates all leak paths. This series is a perfect switch to handle corrosive media with high accuracy and tight tolerance.

UHP150 Series

Ultra High Purity ISO 5 Clean Room Assembly Switches

We’ve designed the UHP150 series for ultra high purity applications such as semiconductor equipment. The UHP150 Series does not contain any elastomer or O-ring. All switches are helium leak tested to ≤ 1 x 10-9 std cc/sec per SEMI F1. The UHP150 Series is manufactured and packaged inside a Class 100 cleanroom.


Gas Boxes
Ozone Systems
Gas Distribution Systems
Semiconductor Equipment
Medical Equipment
Gas Filtration Systems

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