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About Wasco

Wasco is a growing, innovative, precision pressure switch and sensor manufacturer, serving small customers and large O.E.M.s in the global market.

We're committed to meeting your needs through reliable delivery of high quality, customized products, services, and solutions for your applications.

A highly recognized manufacturer of pressure and vacuum switches, Wasco supplies switches to the fire suppression, medical, semiconductor, and military markets in addition to serving industrial applications such as automation, fluid power, and hydraulics.

Wasco was established in 1963 producing products through the utilization of automatic screw machines and other machine shop equipment.

In 1975 Wasco led by the efforts of Ron Way; decided to vertically integrate up the product chain by designing and producing pressure and vacuum switch products.

Wasco excels in providing solutions to our customers that are not traditionally off the shelf. Wasco's engineers are eager to adapt the current line of products to fit the exact need of our customers. Contact us to review your needs and help you get exactly what you need.


Our pressure switches and vacuum switches are featured on Metoree, a product and manufacturer information comparison site for researchers and engineers. View Wasco's Metoree listing.

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