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Pressure Gauges

Not sure if Wasco has the solution for you?

Wasco UDG-25 gauge
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Typical Applications

Gas Distribution Systems
Gas Boxes

Check out some of the typical applications of Wasco pressure gauges

See what sets our pressure gauges above the competition

Typical Applications
Etch & Deposition Wafer Fabrication
UHP Gas Delivery Systems
UHP-25 gauge top view
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Wasco Pressure Gauge Highlights


Single piece fitting

Inconel®  625 diaphragm

316L SEMI F20 UHP-grade wetted material

10 Ra surface finish for wetted path

Reduced dead volume

Center back mount fitting design

Customizable process fittings

Final cleaning & packaging in an ISO Class 5 clean room

Most companies don't take the time to understand the complexity of your requirements. We listen to your needs and make it simple.

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