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Wasco pressure switches

Vacuum Switches

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Typical Applications

Defense Ground Support
Food Processing
Milk Processing
Ozone Generation
Pick and Place / Surface Mount
Fire Suppression Systems
Hydraulic Applications
Gas Stick
Gas Delivery
Systems Requiring Vacuum Confirmation
Water / Wastewater Systems
Typical Applications

Not sure if Wasco has the solution for you?

Check out some of the typical applications of Wasco vacuum switches

See what sets our vacuum switches above the competition

Wasco V110
Brass Fittings or Stainless Steel Fitting
Surface Finish up to 5Ra (UC8 & UC9)
High Corrosion Resistance (UC8, UC9, SV120 & UHP160)
Leak Proof up to 1x10 cc/sec He (UC8, UC9, SV120 & UHP160)

Wasco Vacuum Switch Highlights

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Most companies don't take the time to understand the complexity of your requirements. We listen to your needs and make it simple.

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