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Wasco P11 series

P11 manual reset switches will change electrical state (cut-in/cut-out) and lock when the system pressure crosses the activation point. When the system pressure passes the deactivation point, the switch’s electrical state will remain unchanged. An operator must press the manual reset button in order for the switch to return to its normal state. These switches are best utilized in systems that need to be inspected if a maximum pressure has been exceeded, or as safety devices in systems that need human interaction before restarting.

P11 Series

Manual Reset Pressure Switches
​All-Welded Stainless Steel

The P11 Series incorporates an all-welded unit design eliminating leak paths, and the stainless steel body enables this series for all-weather use. This series is a perfect switch for applications that require monitoring of cleaning agents and gases. Multiple fittings and electrical connections are available for the P11 Series.


Fire Suppression Systems
HVAC-R Control
Food Processing

Download the full catalog to view performance chart, material specifications, technical specifications, and dimensions

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