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Wasco Services

Experience Expertise Without Investment

We understand that investing in capital-intensive equipment for in-house manufacturing can be daunting. That's why Wasco offers a cost-effective alternative. We provide premium services without the need for extensive equipment and training investment. Let us handle the intricacies of manufacturing and testing. Browse our services and submit a quote request below.


Welding services include: laser welding, orbital tig welding, and gas tungsten arc welding. 


Ultrasonic Part Cleaning & Vapor Degreasing

An ultrasonic part cleaning service employs high-frequency sound waves to provide a thorough and efficient cleaning process for intricate and delicate parts. This method uses the cavitation effect to create microscopic bubbles that gently scrub away contaminants like dirt, grease, and residue from surfaces, ensuring a deep and consistent clean without causing damage to the components.


Non-Destructive Testing

Examples of our capabilities are: microscopic inspection, 3-D layer analysis, material verification with XRF Material Analyzer, and pressure & vacuum air cycle testing.


Helium Leak Testing

A helium leak testing service is a highly sensitive and precise method used to detect and quantify even the smallest leaks in sealed systems or components. It involves introducing helium gas into the test object and then using specialized equipment to locate and measure any helium escaping from leaks, ensuring the integrity and safety of critical equipment. Leak rate equivalent to 1x10^(-9)


Light Industrial Assembly

Light industrial assembly services specialize in the efficient assembly of various products and components. These services encompass tasks like product assembly, quality control, and packaging, ensuring that clients receive high-quality, ready-to-market products while minimizing time-to-market. Useful for prototyping and early stage production.


Cable/Wire Harnessing

Expert solutions for creating custom cable assemblies and wire harnesses tailored to specific industrial or electronic applications. In accordance with IPC-WHMA-A-620, these services involve the precise integration of connectors, insulation, and wiring, ensuring optimal connectivity, durability, and reliability for complex electrical systems. Services include strip, crimp and assembly of multiple connection types.


Weld Sectioning & Analysis

Wasco offers a service to section welds and analyze heat affected zone, flow of metals, and weld penetration. We can analysis sectioned welds with a magnification of up to 200x, and we have the ability to measure the ferrite content of any metal. We also offer the removal of weld discoloration. 


Clean Room Assembly & Packaging

Clean Room Assembly & Packaging services provide controlled environments where sensitive products like electronics and medical devices can be meticulously assembled and packaged with minimal contamination risks. These services adhere to strict cleanliness and quality standards, ensuring that products meet the highest industry cleanliness requirements and are ready for use in critical applications. Class 6 and Class 5 clean rooms are available for assembly and packaging. Vacuum packaging with nitrogen purge is available.


Laser Marking

Laser marking provides a highly precise and permanent marking solution for various materials. By utilizing focused laser beams, it enables intricate designs, logos, serial numbers, and barcodes to be etched onto surfaces, offering durability and readability for applications such as product labeling and traceability.


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