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Wasco engineers, manufactures, and sells
the best pressure sensors. 

Most companies don’t take the time to be responsive suppliers. We do.

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How To Avoid Wasting Time When Specifying A Pressure Sensor

High purity manufacturing

Experience a Responsive Supplier

Our experienced team will guide you through the specification process and answer all your questions

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Save Time & Money

Accurate component specification maximizes your system operation time

Receive a Custom Solution


One size doesn't fit all, so our expert team will make sure that all your specifications are met

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We know that you need to feel confident in your suppliers

To feel confident, you need a communicative and responsive supplier. The problem is that most companies don’t take the time to communicate clearly during the specification and delivery stages. Since 1989, we’ve specified over 6,000 unique pressure sensors, and we have a dedicated team to provide you with all the information you need along the way. 

Here's How It Works...


Place an Order, Sit Back & Relax



We'll Review Your Request & Answer All Questions

Don't risk going line down.

Specify a new part or quickly request a quote for an existing Wasco part number. You shouldn’t have to deal with unresponsive suppliers and risk going line down. 

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About Wasco

Established in 1989, Wasco is a growing, innovative, precision pressure switch and sensor manufacturer, serving small customers and large O.E.M.s in the global market. Wasco is committed to meeting our customers’ needs through customized products with unmatched quality and responsive customer service to match.

Wasco has specified over 6,000 unique pressure sensors since 1989, and UL recognition and CE compliance are available on most models. Contact the Wasco team today to have all your questions answered and get exactly what you need. 

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Our Product Catalogs

Wasco offers a variety of pressure switches, vacuum switches, and pressure gauges. Check out our catalog page to view the following specifications for each product series.

- Typical applications

- Material specifications

- Performance chart

- Temperature specifications

- Electrical specifications

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Our Satisfied Customers

"The more I get to know you and work with you, the more I appreciate your commitment to excellence."

Brian M.


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