Fire Suppression

Since 1995, Wasco has been supplying the fire suppression market with supervisory pressure switches. Our customers use our products to monitor clean agents and gases, send signals for emergency power off, indicate discharge, trigger alarms, and warn of low pressure. Wasco is ISO 9001:2015 certified, and our products are both UL recognized and CE compliant. Together, our team has engineered, manufactured, and sold hundreds of thousands of switches to the fire suppression market.

We engineer, manufacture, and sell supervisory pressure switches that are temperature resistant, reliable, robust, and cost-effective.

Wasco Fire Suppression Industry

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Wasco Simple Ordering

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Wasco Simple Ordering

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Wasco Fire Suppression Industry

At Wasco, we know that you want to feel confident in the specification process. To do that, you need a pressure sensor that meets your requirements. Most companies don’t take the time to understand the complexity of your system.

We believe it shouldn’t be so difficult. We understand how complicated the specifying process is because we’ve specified and sold hundreds of thousands of pressure sensors for customers in the fire suppression industry since 1995.


  • Monitoring clean agents and gases  

  • Sending signals for emergency power off 

  • Indicating discharge and triggering an alarm 

  • Warning for low pressure 

Wasco Fire Suppression Industry

Series Commonly Used In The

Fire Suppression Industry

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Manual Reset Switches

All-Welded Stainless Steel

P10 REV 001.png


Automatic Reset Switches

All-Welded Stainless Steel

P6 REV 001.png


Miniature Automatic Reset Switches


Miniature Manual Reset Switches

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